Hiddenite Paranormal Investigations

                                               Our Mission at HPI 


Hiddenite Paranormal Investigation (HPI) was formed on 04/01/2009. To offer help,
and answers for People with possable paranormal activity in Western,
Piedmont & the Triad of  North Carolina.

 Hiddenite Paranormal Investigations, use some of the latest equipment and some of the oldest, along with science to eliminate possable causes for unexplained phenomenons from Our investigations. 99% of all results are explainable. We are here to focus on that 1%.

Perhaps the science of paranormal investigation can put an end to the misguided stereotypes of investigators as gullible and anti-scientific. At last, ghost hunters are gaining credibility and are being taken a bit more seriously. Yes, there are still many skeptics who claim what they are doing is pseudoscience, but as the evidence reaches some sort of tipping point, peoples’ minds will open.

For the field to gain credibility and respectability, investigators know they must do two things. First, they must recognize when evidence could have a normal explanation. Second, they must follow the scientific method during investigations.

  protocols you used and they will try to reproduce your results. If your peers can repeat your experiments successfulAn investigator employing the scientific method must remain both open-minded and skeptical. Phenomena must be questioned. To get to the root cause, the scientific investigator must ask questions based on the scientific method:

Why is the event happening?

•Is there a natural, root cause?

•Is this incident connected to any other causative events?

•Is there other research or literature that has found connections between events you have observed?

•Have other researchers drawn the same conclusions?

•What is your hypothesis? Does it agree with your colleagues or is it new?

•How will you test your hypothesis?

•Can the hypothesis be tested under controlled conditions?

•What predictions were made based on the hypothesis?

•Were tests based on the hypothesis statistically significant?

After all these steps, if the predictions made on the hypothesis work out, it is time to publish your results in a reputable scientific journal. Other investigators will note the experimentally, you may have come up with a new theory to explain the unexplained.

HPI is looking for a few hungry, comitted and strong people to join Our paranormal investigation team.

(Basic equipment, Digital camera, digital voice recorder, EMF meter. Not all equipment is required, but highly recommended.)

 At HPI, We take much pride in Our investigations, equipment and training Our investigators to properly use the equipment to get the most accurate results.

We also expect Our team members to, not only conduct themselves in a professional
manner, but to be comitted to the team.

We do NOT charge for Our services, but donations are welcomed, to offset costs of batteries, memory cards and equipment maintainence.. 

If Your a team player, and are interested in joining Our team,
Please contact   Bob & Sherri,   At   hiddeniteparanormal@gmail.com

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                         Please Pardon the Mess, We're Still under perpetual construction

                                                              Cases Completed

04/03/2009 - Gettysburg Pa.  

05/23/2010 - Newton N.C.

06/25/2010 - Rome N.Y.

07/11/2010 - Gettysburg Pa.

11/04/2011 - Denver N.C.

Proud Member of the Paranormal Resource Alliance




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